Zyliss Easican Electric Can Opener

Zyliss Easican Electric Can Opener Review:

Zyliss EasiCan Electric Can OpenerZyliss EasiCan Electric Can Opener, can be either red or green,this one touch can opener is a very small can opener with a light weight that help for easy use and handling, easily held in your palm of hand. It can be difficult to know how to use at first, but if you follow instructions there will be no problem.

This automatic can opener has been reviewed by nearly 251 customers giving it an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars which is considered to be good rating , about 150 customers were fully satisfied by this can opener and rated it between 4 and 5 stars recommending it to others because the found it handy and good quality compared to its affordable price.

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Features:Zyliss EasiCan

  • Automatically opens cans in seconds
  • One touch start and stop feature for hands-free opening
  • Works on any size can: small, medium and large
  • Cuts from side of can without leaving sharp edges
  • Hygienic – lid never falls into food
  • Wipe with a damp cloth to clean
  • Sleek, low profile design for easy storage
  • Uses two AA batteries (sold separately)
  • Materials: ABS, TPE, Stainless Steel
  • Available in green and red
  • Two year warranty


  • Storing this can opener is very easy, it’s very small that doesn’t take much space; you can put it anywhere in your kitchen. its dimensions are
  • An electronic can opener that runs on AA batteries, you can carry it around with you or even use it with your camping gear, No more restrictions to power outlets.
  • It opens all sizes; small cans, medium-sized and also large one, it can handle them very easy.
  • It’s fully automatic, press the button for a few seconds to start, then it will adjust itself and start cutting then when finished you have to press the button again to stop and release.
  • It’s very useful with people with arthritis as it operates hand free and no need to exert any effort.
  • The magnet in Zyliss Easican holds the lid after cutting preventing it from falling on the food preventing any food contamination.
  • It removes the lid under rim instead of outside so it leaves no sharp edges on the lid but unfortunately the can will have some sharp edges.
  • It saves effort that is needed if you use manual can openers, but it takes the same time.


  • Some found it very noisy during operation which is annoying.buy Zyliss EasiCan Electric Can Opener
  • It can consume many batteries while other costumers didn’t change much batteries, so you must buy either high quality batteries or better buy rechargeable ones.
  • You must read the instructions to know how to use, otherwise it will be a bit tricky until you can easily use.
  • Many customers would like Zyliss Easican Electric Can Opener to automatically shut off after finishing cutting, so the don’t have to watch over the can to complete its job; because when they don’t the lid flips off and contents may slop everywhere.


Zyliss Easican Electric Can Opener is a helpful product. An automatic electric can opener that replaces manual ones, very handy to people with arthritis as no effort needed , it can open any can size easily. If you don’t care about batteries it consumes or the slight loud noise then don’t hesitate to buy for indoor or outdoor use.

Click here to read Detailed Reviews, View Ratings and see the latest price on Amazon

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