How to start Camp fire ?

Camp fire

Why need to learn start a camp fire ?

Who doesn’t love nature, everyone like the peace nature gives you. Families may go camping for several days or even take a day use in any park or even go for the Woods.

Well we all love to make a party barbecue and enjoy the open air while eating. But sometimes you may forget to take coal with you or even you want to cook your food naturally using any wood around in the forest or the park.

What if you are lost, and need to be warm during the night or even need to get attention; then fire is a must.

 How to Start a Fire easily ?

As we mentioned before in many situations you might need fire, you have to know the right way to start a fire easily using any material.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Collect as many dead leaves as possible as they catch fire very fast so we consider them as fire starters without them you will take more time to start your fire.
  • start a fireSecondly you will need kindling (small sticks of wood) from any tree that has fallen and dried. These are used to help keep fire for a little longer time because leaves only stay for seconds.
  • Third collect bigger branches and so on, which will keep the fire on for as long as possible.
  • Now we have to arrange the leaves and wooden sticks in a special arrangement to fire correctly without delay or failure.
  • Put the biggest piece of wood.
  • Put the leaves beside the wood piece.
  • Arrange the small sticks on top of the leaves and leaning on the big wood piece.
  • Get the medium sized sticks and put on top of the smaller ones and so on.

Start camp fire :

Now all you have to do is use a lighter  as ignition to start fire in the
leaves first because as we said they catch fire fast, the fire will then start on to the kindling then on the medium sized branches until fire reach the biggest logs which will remain for the longest time.


  • To help speed fire you have to blow in the fire to keep it on and increase otherwise it might light out.
  • You have to leave space between leaves and sticks to allow air to pass through.
  • Here are some things that might help:
    -Is your wood and kindling dry?
    -Is too much wind getting to the embers?
    -Do you have enough flint shavings?
    -If the fire starts but doesn’t keep going, try blowing gently on the glowing pieces (Fire needs air, but not too much!).

how to start camp fire

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