How to open a can without a Can opener?

Can you open a can without a can opener?

There are many quick ways to open your can opener and enjoy the delicious food inside. You can use an electric can opener or an ordinary manual can opener and these are many and you can differentiate between them here with our complete guide.

What if you were in a camp or a trip?

You may be outdoor and forget your can opener and you need to open one. This won’t stop you from opening it of course.

I will show you different ways to open your can without a can opener.

Chef’s knife

  1. Find a stable surface to place the can on.
  2. Hold the knife with a strong firm grip.
  3. Now by the right angle at the base of the knife make a hole in the lid of the can by pressing down firmly. If you find it difficult just stand up and hold the knife by one hand and by the other apply steady pressure to make a small hole.
  4. Repeat the last step and make several holes next to each other.
  5. Once the lid is loose and easy to open, insert the tip of the knife in one of the holes and push upwards to open the can. Try using a small knife to remove the lid.

Be careful not to hurt yourself, open the cover away from your body.

Pocket knife

  1. Hold the pocket knife with the tip of the blade against with one hand.
  2. Put the other hand on top of the first hand and apply pressure to puncture the can.
  3. Repeat the last step until you make a circle of small holes.
  4. Now with the tip of your pocketknife try to push up the lid .
  5. Remember to enjoy your food.

Using a Rock or a Concrete

  1. Look for a piece of a flat rock with rough surface to use friction that can puncture the lid of the can.
  2. Rotate the can upside down and rub it over the rock to create friction force to puncture the can.
  3. When you see some fluid coming out stop rubbing as it means the lid became so thin.
  4. Try to find a sharp tool or even use a spoon to pry off the cover.

Be careful while opening as sharp edges may cut your hand.

Using a Spoon

  1. Hold a can with one hand and a spoon with the other hand against the can lip (the spoon bowl is facing the lid)
  2. Rub the spoon forward and backwards over the area where the lid is crimped .
  3. Keep doing the last step until you make a hole.

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