Lawn Boy 10632 Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Lawn Boy 10632 Self Propelled Lawn Mower review:


Lawn Boy 10632 Self Propelled Lawn MowerLawn Boy 10632 Self Propelled Lawn Mower comes with a 4 cycle 140cc Briggs and Stratton 5.5 gross Torque over head valve engine.

Lawn Boy 10632 Self Propel HW Lawn Mower, 20-Inch is rated with a 4.4 out of 5 stars according to amazon rating system and a 44 costumers out of 64 has loved this great machine.

It runs on gasoline and oil so it needs care and more maintenance , it has 20 inch cutting width which is suitable for average size areas.

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Features of Lawn Boy 10632 Self Propelled Lawn Mowers :

  • The 4-cycle 140 cc engine runs on gasoline giving enough power to cut your lawn in no time at average 45 minutes.
  • Has a smart start auto choke system with a powerful and efficient overhead valve design
  • The recoil start system is not a really a disadvantage here , the lawn boy 10632 usually start not more from the second try, it has a 3 year warranty and if it failed to start from the second time the company will fix it.
  • Its height can be adjusted to seven different positions averaging from 1 to 4 inches from the ground giving you several cuts as you need.Lawn Boy 10632 Self Propelled Lawn Mower
  • You don’t want to neither run or move slowly behind the lawn mower, Lawn Boy 10632 has variable speed option to adjust it to your preferred speed.
  • It is stored easily in small storage areas when its handle is folded, which is also rigid for repeated usage.
  • The Lawn boy 10632 self propelled lawn mower is 3 in 1 system including mulching option which cut clippings to tiny pieces to be used as nitrogen fertilizers, along with rear bagging to put the weight on the rear drive wheels, it also has side discharge option.
  • The rear wheel drive provides it with good traction to be used on uphills and uneven terrain, in addition to the better maneuverability in tight corners.
  • Front wheels diameter are 7 inch while the rear wheels are 8 inch which are more than enough for best easy turns.
  • Lawn boy 10632 self propelled lawn mowers are made of lightweight materials 62 pounds easing its usage, and a 20 inch cutting width and multinotched blades giving excellent cuts with its high power motor.
  • The blades and engine immediately stops in 3 seconds if the brake clutch system is released.

  Conclusion :

The reasonable price and the great efficiency of the lawn boy 10632 self propelled lawn mower if compared to other gas self propelled lawn mowers , in addition to its great features from the light weight , 3 in 1 system, the high power engine giving excellent results with less effort, brake clutch system,or even the adjustable height and speed along with the 3 years warranty, Then i don’t see a reason not buying it.

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