Hamilton Beach Ensemble Tall Can Opener

Hamilton Beach Ensemble Tall Can Opener Review:

Hamilton Beach Ensemble Tall Can OpenerHamilton Beach Ensemble Tall Can Opener is a red electric can opener manufactured by a well known company that knows how to keep their reputation as best as possible. This tall can opener can handle all your house cans easily and at least time without failing or breaking down.

It’s just as simple to use, anyone can start it and open his can, it took good reputation among other electric can openers as it competes with other can openers.

Many people bought it online from different stores about 363 who made their purchase from amazon rated the product and gave it 4.6 out of 5 stars. Where 285 people loved the can opener and rated it with full 5 stars while only 20 had some factory problems and rated between one and two stars.

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  • Bottle Opener has die-cast metal cutter.
  • Fits tall and standard size cans.
  • Classic red and stainless color scheme.
  • Heavy duty metal cutter.
  • Safe to use in dishwasher cutter.
  • Dimensions (inches): 8.86 H x 5.12 W x 3.94 D.

Pros:Hamilton Beach Ensemble Tall Can Opener

  • The red color of the can opener is really beautiful if you have a red kitchen or other colors that need red gadgets, it has a
    sleek modern attractive design that will fit nicely countertop.
  • Hamilton Beach always use high quality material to make good products with high durability, this electric can opener can be your life companion as many people have it know for over 5 years and still happy with their choice.
  • Other can openers usually make loud noises during cutting its way through the lid, but here the motor has a very low noise, so no more headaches or any embarrassment in front of your friends when you use it.
  • Opens any can easily and efficiently, cuts smoothly through the lid leaving a very neat clean cut with no skipping or lugging down of power leaving a safe lid unlike other cheap electric can openers or manual can openers that may leave sharp edges that can cut and hurt you.
  • People like to keep their food very hygienic and loves to clean any tools that goes near their food to prevent themselves from any diseases or contamination. The cutting system of Hamilton Beach Ensemble Tall Can Opener can be easily detached from the body and cleaned under running water or even in the dishwasher and they will not rust, after cleaning you can put them back together as easy as detached it,
  •  Hamilton Beach Ensemble Tall Can Opener is really what is named for, it can open any can of any size; small to big, short to tall very easily and efficiently.
  • Just start the button  and leave the can opener and when it finishes its cutting it will automatically shut off and this helps you saving time doing anything until it opens , well that’s not all , the magnet can hold the lid up and prevent from falling into food causing any contamination.
  • It comes with a knife sharpener to decrease the number of gadgets in your kitchen , also with a cord storage in the back to hide the cord when not using.
  • Weight is good to make it stable during opening any can , but unfortunately some said that it may fall off when opening family cans.


  • Some Flaws appeared in a number of products that we must tell, as the can opener couldn’t catch can properly and won’t run immediately but you need to jiggle and push to start running , also it may tip when using family cans.


Hamilton Beach Ensemble Tall Can Opener is must to buy for your kitchen, This counter top can opener hasn’t got yet a good chance among other well advertised electric can openers but surely it is a winner, nearly no complains, it works like a charm with a low noise motor ,great cutting efficiency and high durability for many years. The red color gives a marvelous look on counter top. This electric can opener is highly recommended by most people.

Click here to read Detailed Reviews, View Ratings and see the latest price on Amazon

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