Inflatable Mattress Buying Guide

What’s an Inflatable mattress?

– Inflatable mattress are also known as air mattresses ,they are full mattress size when inflated but fold up to a very small size for storage in any place in your house, also Cushioned tops, built-in pillows and built-in pumps are just a few of the features common on air mattresses to give you the most comfortable sleeping experience

Why Inflatable mattresses?

–          You have a houseguest?

–          You are up on vacation with friends and crowded hotel-room?

–          Camping?

–          In need of a break-up from your bed companion?

Then you need durable, comfortable, easy air mattress or two for comfortable sleeping for you and your guests.

Do you have to worry about if the size of the Inflatable mattress would suit you?

–          The amazing thing about air mattresses that they come in different sizes, some come in raised queen-sized configurations, while other Inflatable air mattresses are designed for a child.

How to make your air Inflatable mattress provide the best sleeping experience? 

–          Make it like the real bed you sleep on: supply your Inflatable mattress with a pillow, cover it with comfortable soft sheets, and add a blanket on cold nights;

When you do that you would feel like you are having a regular night sleeping on your real bed.

–          Don’t hesitate at getting the large size mattress, as you wouldn’t want be falling off your Inflatable mattress while sleeping at night.

–          You have pets in the house? Keep your pets away from the unmade/un-inflated air mattress, as mattress could be a fun exciting game for cats/dogs and could be damaged easily by their claws, also you can avoid causing pet allergy to some people.

–          Buy the Inflatable mattress that has a pump to adjust the air, to ensure the perfect inflation this kind of mattresses have a release button.

–          Buy the Inflatable mattress with 20 gauge vinyl or higher, to prevent any tiny holes from developing and losing the air of mattress which leads to disturbing your sleeping experience.

–          Buy the Inflatable air mattress with Headboard, and if your mattress doesn’t have it, create your own by putting your mattress against a wall to ensure that your pillows wouldn’t fall off the mattress in the middle of your sleeping.

–          When you put down your Inflatable mattress for sleeping, Make sure it is placed on soft surface (rug/blanket/carpet), as mattresses tend to squeak all night on hardwood floor.

Then How to choose the size of your Inflatable mattress?

Mattresses sizes come in

1-Standard: comes in two sizes, Single/twin: 39 in wide × 75 in long (99 cm × 191 cm),

Or Single/twin XL: 39 in wide × 80 in long(99 cm × 203 cm).

2-Full size: comes in two sizes,

Regular: 54 in wide × 75 in long (137 cm × 191 cm),

Or Extra long: 53 in × 80 in (135 cm × 203 cm).

3-Queen size: comes in three sizes,

Standard queen: 60 inches wide by 80 inches long (152 cm × 203 cm),

Or Olympic/expanded Queen size: 66 in wide × 80 in long (168 cm × 203 cm),

Or California queen-size mattress: 60 in wide × 84 in long (152 cm × 213 cm).

4-King size: comes in four sizes ,

Standard king: 76 in × 80 in (193 cm × 203 cm),

California king: 72 in × 84 in (183 cm × 213 cm),

Grand king: 80 in × 98 in (203 cm × 249 cm),

San Francisco King: 84 in × 84 in (213 cm × 213 cm).

How to choose the suitable Inflatable-mattress while Camping?

–          Determine the number of people that are going to sleep on the mattress, make sure you get the larger size when you are in doubt.

–          Measure the inside-Dimension of your tent where you are going to put the mattress with leaving space around it to accommodate other things you have.

–          Corded or power operated pumps? Corded pumps should be your choice if you have access to power outlet because they are more powerful and save expense of buying batteries, but if you don’t have access to power outlet Battery operated pumps are your choice and could be used anywhere.

–          Make sure to buy mattress with inflate/deflate pumps as mechanical pumps save you time and effort setting up or deflating your mattress easily.


Worried about folding your current/future Inflatable mattress?

Here you are 10 easy steps to fold your Inflatable mattress:

1-      Remove all the Extras from your air mattress including sheets, pillows and blankets.

2-      Lay the mattress flat on the floor.

3-      Locate the release valve which would usually be at the center of one end of the air mattress, the air would begin to flow as you release the air valve.

4-      Press down on the mattress or even lie down on it as it deflates to force the air out of the mattress.

5-      Make sure your mattress is smooth free from wrinkles after all the air has been deflated out of it.

6-      Sit down at the end of the Inflatable mattress that’s opposite to the air valve.

7-      Fold the right third of the mattress toward the center, then fold the left third of the mattress over the right.

8-      Hold the end of air mattress nearest to you and begin to roll the bed away from your side.

9-      Make sure you forcing any remaining air out of the mattress as you crawl slowly forward while rolling your mattress tightly.

10-   When the rolling is finished, store your Inflatable mattress in your closet.

You find out your Inflatable mattress is leaking air? It got a hole?

Wanna know how to repair the leak?

Here you are 5 easy steps to repair the air leak in your Inflatable mattress:

1-      Locate the hole in the Inflatable mattress by looking for obvious tears in your air mattress.

2-      To locate smaller leaks, mix 2 tablespoons of liquid soap in 1 gallon of water.

Shake the mixture to create bubbles. Inflate the air mattress fully and then spread the soap mixture on the Inflatable mattress. You will see tiny bubbles form in the location of the tiny air leaks. Dry off the leak area and mark it with a dry erase marker.

Or you can just sit on your mattress and look for a hissing sound to locate the site of the air-leak.

3-      Deflate your air mattress, put it down on a flat ground and make sure the area of leak is facing upwards.

4-      Place two drops of strong adhesive usually super glue over the small hole Or use the glue that’s designed for white water raft repairs (available at camping equipment stores), then allow the glue to completely dry.

5-      In case of larger tears and rips in your Inflatable mattress, use Patch repair kit, this kit comes with small square patch in same color and fabric material of your Inflatable mattress associated with a tube of Glue, Cut the patch to size that covers your tear and attach it using the glue provided in the kit.

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